Claire Williamson
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Claire works creatively with poetry and images and this cross-artform work has resulted in collaborations with filmmakers and other artists to create short film-poems.
Examples include:
Seven Years
with Filmmaker Cluna Donnelly

Shortlisted for the Zebra Poetry Film Festival Special Programme.

Childhood memories overlap with sunsparked images of Tunisia.

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The Merman King
Welsh National Opera with John O’Hara (composer) and Richard Aylwin (filmmaker).

The Merman King was created with children from Touch Trust, Palmerston School and Ysgol Erwr Delyn, inspired by The Odyssey, the children used themes to create a new 20-minute opera.

The Hippocrene
with Filmmaker Cluna Donnelly

The myth and reality mix in reflections of the horse-well used by the Greek poets to gain inspiration.

Ride On
with Filmmaker Cluna Donnelly

Super 8 footage and magical images merge to tell one man's story.