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The Soulwater Pool The Soulwater Pool
The Poetry Can (ISBN 978-0-9539234-4-1)
Claire Williamson

A collection of poetic voices exploring a domestic drama unfolding over two tense days. The story is edgy and emotional, distincively woven with informal and mythical language.

Claire Williamson's poems dynamically re-enact suffering in the manner of verse drama, a novel freed from the irrelevances of genre, a startling modern myth of human loss and grief, and the striving for recovery, back up from the depths to embrace the air and infinity that is ours. As Tennyson wrote "Let love clasp grief, lest both be drowned." I salute her.

Quote by Christopher Rush

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Ride On Poetry Ride On
PoTA Press (ISBN 0-9526432-6-X)
Claire Williamson

Ride On is an autobiographical narrative poetry collection.

"Beautiful brave writing, the story closes like a fist around your heart, makes it hard to breathe as you read and can't stop reading. And all the time the poetry turns the images this way and that, gives us mirrors, reflections, voices from a lifetime that utterly engages us, makes us desperate for the writer's own redemption. This is poetry that is honed to a sharpness of light, bright with spirit, transcendent."

Quote by Rose Flint (Winner of the prestigious international Petra Kenney Poetry Award and author of Nekyia (Stride) Blue Horse of Morning (Seren) and Firesigns (Poetry Salzburg))

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Academic Contributions
Prompted to Write
Fal Publications (ISBN 0-9544980-9-7)
eds Zeeba Ansari & Victoria Field

Chapter: Reflections of a Writing Practitioner Reflections on working in the field of ‘Writing for Therapeutic Purposes’

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Writing Works
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (ISBN 1-84310-468-7)
Eds by Gillie Bolton, Victoria Field, Kate Thompson

Contribution: ‘Writer’s Mask’ exercise in chapter ‘Different Masks’

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Poetry Therapy and Emotional Life
Redcliffe Medical Press (ISBN 1-85775-860-9)
By Gillie Bolton (Foreword), Diana Hedges (Author)

Chapter: ‘Survive and Shine’ Working with poetry and young people. Reflections on work with Bristol Poetry Slam and Welsh National Opera

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Writing Cures
Brunner-Routledge (ISBN 1-58391-912-0)
Ed. Gillie Bolton, Stephanie Howlett, Colin Lago, Jeannie K.Wright

Chapter re: ‘On the Road to Recovery’ Writing with people in Recovery from Addiction

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