Claire Williamson
and Collaborations
Hosting and Chairing
Writing Workshops
Writing for
Therapeutic Purposes
Writing Workshops
Claire facilitates writing workshops for all ages and a broad variety of client groups including performance poetry, corporate training, community workshops and specialist master classes.
Community Workshops and Specialist Master Classes

Claire has facilitated workshops with groups such as:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • University Students
  • Women’s Groups
  • People with Learning Difficulties
  • Over Sixties Groups
University of Bristol Courses taught by Claire
Claire facilitates some workshops on behalf of Bristol University. Look out for Saturday Schools and Short Courses in the English Department Lifelong Learning Department. Current courses include:
  • The Writer in Your Life – examining your relationship with writing and discovering the stories that are most urgent for you.
  • Creative Process – examining how your creative process works for you and how reflective writing can inform your life. This course includes creative writing, journal writing and reflective writing.
For more details see:
Performance Poetry Workshops and Corporate Training
Slam poetry combines writing with drama, presentation and public speaking, to make poetry dynamic, accessible and fun.

The skills developed by writing and performing poetry are valuable Communication techniques, essential in all areas of life, build confidence and self-esteem.