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Group Workshops

"I think we ripple on into others, just like a stone puts its ripples into a brook. That, for me too, is a source of comfort" - Irvin D. Yalom


Helping Professions


Therapeutic Writing



Using writing to cultivate the confidence to incorporate creative techniques in your work, whether reflective writing, reflexivity, journaling, or bringing creativity into the therapeutic encounter

"Today's workshop has been generous, well-prepared and probably the best CPD I've ever encountered; so much to take away - thank you!"

​Workshops available, or tailor-made:

  • The Writer in Your Life

  • Creative Writing in the Therapeutic Encounter

  • Creativity for Counsellors

Writing together and sharing authentic selves in language, forgetting the limiting rules of school to embrace and nurture our creativity

"You have gently touched and impacted our lives with your discrete, humble, professional, humorous, intelligent, caring and unique style"

Workshops available, or tailor-made:

  • Writing Adventure

  • Creative Process

  • Healing the Heart

Boosting resourcefulness in young people and drawing on rhythm and performance to make creative writing accessible to all

"Claire brings energy and inspiration to every encounter with our students. We always look forward to her visits"

Workshops available, or tailor-made:

  • Performance Poetry

  • Short Story Word-shop

  • Lyric Writing​

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